Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR), the protection of privacy and personal data has become of paramount importance for both companies and data subjects.


Vega & Moreno is a data protection law firm in Malaga. We work with the regulation of the European Regulation of Data Protection and the Organic Law of Data Protection (the LOPD).


Until recently, there were not many data protection lawyers in Malaga. Even today, it is common to see that many companies in the Malaga market do not comply with the GDPR or the LOPD, exposing them to significant economic sanctions. Indeed, data protection in Malaga is currently a pending subject.

The firm serves all companies seeking data protection services for companies in Malaga, as well as other companies not established in Malaga or not even having their main domicile in Spain, given that the regulations are, eminently, at a European and Spanish level.


Therefore, it is essential for any company who processes personal data to adapt to the GDPR and the LOPD in order to avoid the imposition of economic sanctions. In particular, the GDPR has considerably increased the demand for data protection lawyers.


In particular, the firm offers the preparation of a Compliance Plan regarding data protection, aimed at guaranteeing, as far as possible, that the business activity is respectful of data protection regulations. If necessary, the firm will draw up the records of processing activities, an impact assessment, or provide advice on the need for a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in each particular case.

Likewise, any company may find itself in need of a lawyer specializing in privacy and data protection when it becomes involved in a sanctioning procedure before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (the AEPD), which is the Spanish administrative authority on data protection with the power to impose significant sanctions.


Any company with an Internet presence must comply with the requirements of the regulation in order to provide information on the processing of personal data of visitors to its website, as well as to provide the required information in relation to cookies. These issues are usually addressed by the inclusion of a data protection policy, privacy policy and/or cookie policy on the website.


For their part, individuals who consider that their data protection rights have been violated will find in Vega & Moreno a law firm in Malaga with a high level of knowledge of the regulations, and which will advise them on how to pursue infringements of the GDPR or the LOPD, as well as the legal avenues available to request financial compensation in court as appropriate.


Regulatory compliance regarding data protection regulation.

Drafting of privacy policies.

Relationships between data controllers and data processors.

Sanctioning procedures before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Right to be forgotten on the Internet.