Intellectual property protects the creations of the human intellect. Although the expression in English “Intellectual property” includes all forms of intellectual and industrial property, in Spain the term “Propiedad intelectual” is reserved for copyright.


Intellectual property or copyright, as the reader prefers to call it, protects any literary, artistic or scientific work. The Spanish Intellectual Property Law makes a non-exhaustive list of works that can be protected, for example: books, musical compositions, audio-visual works, sculptures, paintings or drawings, comics (plastic works in general), photographs or computer programs.


Vega & Moreno aims to be a copyright law firm in Malaga, handling everything from an application for intellectual property registration to copyright litigation, including the drafting and negotiation of license or assignment agreements.

The office, located in Malaga, has been visited by writers, cartoonists, DJs, art dealers and all kinds of artists. The advantage of a law firm that works on intellectual property, patents and trademarks in Malaga, is that it can offer complete advice, not only on legal issues related to the protection of the work but also on other interrelated aspects: whether it is necessary to protect and register a name, register logos, etc.


We must clarify that there is no copyright registration in Malaga; the registration of intellectual property is carried out at regional level, although it has effects throughout the national territory. The registration of copyright is not compulsory, as the works are protected by the mere fact of their creation, although it is usually convenient for evidential purposes.


A website is also susceptible to protection by intellectual property. Those clients who request a service of intellectual property registration of a website in Malaga, are advised in relation to which elements of the website are protectable, which are susceptible to registration, and other legal issues that may be of interest.

Software or computer programs are also protected in the Intellectual Property Law. The firm is responsible for issues related to software protection, drafting of software licence agreements, etc. Likewise, we work with the regulation of databases, also included in the Intellectual Property Law.


Copyright attorneys typically work with all types of protected works and other subject-matter, including the rights of audio-visual producers, music producers, photographers, etc.


Vega & Moreno also intends to operate as an entertainment law firm in Malaga. The services of the firm include the publishing industry and the regulation of books, the music industry and the hiring of musicians and artists or the services related to the SGAE or other collecting societies, the art sector and exhibitions of paintings or other plastic works, video games, etc.


Suitable ways of protection.

Licenses with copyright collecting societies.

Software licenses.

Entertainment law, especially: publishing, audiovisual, music and video games.

Defence before the judges and courts of the whole national territory.

Negotiation and drafting of license or assignment agreements.