Industrial property rights are essential in any business, whether for SMEs and start-ups or for large companies, regardless of the industrial sector in which they operate.


Industrial property comprises a series of rights aimed at protecting different creations. Vega & Moreno is a law firm that works with all types of industrial property in Malaga.


Technical creations include patents, utility models, plant varieties and semiconductor product topographies. Although there are other lawyers and industrial property agents in Malaga, Vega & Moreno tries to be especially aware of the needs of its clients and, in particular, of the need not only to overcome the registration procedure and obtain the granting of the right, but also to take care of the drafting of their applications so that the protection granted is as broad and effective as possible.

Industrial property also protects aesthetic creations, namely industrial designs, which protect the external appearance of products. In the firm’s opinion, industrial design lawyers should also be aware of other IP rights, including copyright, due to their important connection.


For their part, distinctive signs are of paramount importance. We refer here to trademarks, trade names and geographical indications. These types of IP are aimed at protecting the signs by which an entrepreneur identifies or distinguishes its own goods or services, as well as the signs that identify the company itself in the commercial traffic. Geographical indications (PDO, protected designation of origin; and PGI, protected geographical indication), which have a complex legal regime, deserve a separate mention.


Although Vega & Moreno is an industrial property law firm in Malaga, IP rights have a territorial scope that at least reaches the whole of Spain. That is why the firm also works with clients who are not necessarily domiciled in Malaga, even attending to foreign clients who require a patent and trademark attorney or any other industrial property rights.

As for domain names, the authors do not consider them as a property right but as a right of use. However, because of their interconnection and practical similarities to distinctive signs, an industrial property law firm is often also a domain name law firm.


Due to their complexity and specificity, legal issues concerning industrial property rights require specialized knowledge for their proper treatment. In this sense, the firm is proud to be one of the few law firms in Malaga with full dedication and specialized in industrial property and related matters.


Devise of the national or international protection strategy.

Registration: application, opposition procedures, administrative appeals, etc.  

Maintenance and monitoring of registered rights.

Defence before the judges and courts of the whole national territory.

Negotiation and drafting of license or assignment agreements.

Domain names: recovery of domain names, infringement of rights, etc.